Monday, November 8, 2010

Port removal

Today was the day I got my port-a-cath removed!!!! Praise the Lord!!! It was done in the dr's office with just using lidocaine to deaden the area. It took some extra time to cut through the scar tissue but he finally was able to and get the tubing that was in the subclavin vein. He finally was able to get the whole port out. I was surprised how long the tubing was---about 5 inches!!! He asked if I wanted it...he was laughing but once he had a patient who wanted it. Nope, I just wanted to see it. Almost thought of taking a picture of it to put on my blog. lol but I didn't!!!! So far I've not had pain from the site but I think it's still deaden from the lidocaine. I think I have about 3 stitches but not sure for it's covered up with a dressing to stay for 48 hours. This dr. is a friend of mine so we just conversed about all kinds of things while he did the procedure...made the time go by much faster. It took about 30 minutes to do....longer than I thought it would. Anyway, that was the really last thing that needed to be done to end my journey with cancer. Guess I should say that this is the end of my blog. How do I end such a thing? I am so appreciative to all who have followed this journey. Especially those who have prayed for me. It's been an amazing journey...not one that I want to go through again or would want anyone to go through but I feel that this was a time that God really taught me so much and that my faith soared. I now am able to tell my testimony in hopes to encourage others to have faith in God. Love to you all!!!!

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