Monday, November 8, 2010

Port removal

Today was the day I got my port-a-cath removed!!!! Praise the Lord!!! It was done in the dr's office with just using lidocaine to deaden the area. It took some extra time to cut through the scar tissue but he finally was able to and get the tubing that was in the subclavin vein. He finally was able to get the whole port out. I was surprised how long the tubing was---about 5 inches!!! He asked if I wanted it...he was laughing but once he had a patient who wanted it. Nope, I just wanted to see it. Almost thought of taking a picture of it to put on my blog. lol but I didn't!!!! So far I've not had pain from the site but I think it's still deaden from the lidocaine. I think I have about 3 stitches but not sure for it's covered up with a dressing to stay for 48 hours. This dr. is a friend of mine so we just conversed about all kinds of things while he did the procedure...made the time go by much faster. It took about 30 minutes to do....longer than I thought it would. Anyway, that was the really last thing that needed to be done to end my journey with cancer. Guess I should say that this is the end of my blog. How do I end such a thing? I am so appreciative to all who have followed this journey. Especially those who have prayed for me. It's been an amazing journey...not one that I want to go through again or would want anyone to go through but I feel that this was a time that God really taught me so much and that my faith soared. I now am able to tell my testimony in hopes to encourage others to have faith in God. Love to you all!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hair and meeting

My hair is finally growing and still curly!!! My bangs are just about long enough to get it cut. I am going to put up a picture of my hair so you can see. I went to the breast cancer support group that we have in my town. I've not been in several months. Since we have a new cancer center, they remodeled the place where I last had chemo into a cancer empowerment room that has a beauty place so women can have someone help them with wigs and makeup. Wow, it's very nice. Wish it had been there when I was going through chemo. Most of the women at the meeting have been coming so they all had nametags but there wasn't one for me. That is what I get for not going. lol The last time I went, I was wearing my wig so I am guessing no one really recognized me for one lady asked if this was my first time to go. Awhile back, they gave us these cute bracelets and yesterday I received a charm that has 2010 on it to put on my bracelet. Each year we will get a new charm. New people are leading the group so that was different for I really liked the doctor that was leading it. Two other ladies finished their chemo about the time I did so they are getting hair too and we all have curly hair. lol. On Monday, I get my port taken out. I will be so happy. I have so enjoyed eating spinach lately and not having to worry about what I eat due to the blood thinner. However, I am trying to cut down the calories again for I was gaining weight. I have lost 3 1/2 pounds this week. I cut out all snacks and no desserts when at home. It has helped. Thanks for all your prayers and love. Love you all.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Doppler study

This morning I had a doppler study on my right arm which is really a sonogram. They were looking to see if I still have a clot or not behind my port-a-cath or anywhere else. They were training a new young lady and she had some difficulty doing it and took a long time but luckily I wasn't in a hurry. It was interesting watching and sometimes I wondered how in the world they could tell the difference between a vein and an artery. Anyway my doctor's office called me this afternoon to give me the results of the doppler studies. Praise the Lord!!! No clots were seen!! So, my doctor took me off Coumadin (blood thinner) today!! I was so I can eat whatever. I've been off spinach for over a year and I really like spinach, especially spinach salad. Also, I can eat cranberries again. Perfect timing since Thanksgiving is right around the corner plus I have a wonderful cranberry bread I like to bake. I went to Bible study tonight at church and we eat dinner there. Guess what was there? Spinach in the salad!!! Yummy!!! First time to eat spinach since May 30 2009!!! I will be having the port removed on November 8. I am beginning to feel normal again. What a wonderful feeling. Thanks for your prayers and love.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Doctor's visit with CT Scan results

Went to see the onocologist on Wednesday. He came into the room with a smile on his face saying that the CT scans were good. However, there is a small nodule on the right lung..Very small. The radiologist was surprised that it was picked up since it was so small. He didn't seem to be too concerned but will check it in a couple of years to be sure all is okay. So, I can have the port-a-cath out. The appointment date for the port removal is Nov. 8!!! It will be done in the surgeon's office. I asked about the blood thinner...not sure which dr. would be the one to take me off the medication. He will take care of it but I have to have a doppler which is a sound wave x-ray over my arm and shoulder to be sure the clot has dissolved. The doppler will be done on Wednesday, Oct. 27. I hope it is clear. It was so wonderful to come out of that cancer center with such fantastic news!!!! Larry and I went out to eat to celebrate!!!! Thank you Lord!!!

I finally found my blow dryer and used it on my hair the other day. I am needing to learn how to fix my hair...curling up at times and looking funky, so I think. Cute in front but funky in back. lol.... Have a wonderful day and thank you, thank you for all your prayers throughout my journey. This journey is about to end....well, sort of. Love you all.....

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cat Scan

I had two cat scans the other day. One was for the chest and the other for the abdomen/pelvis. This was done to see if there is any cancer. I've not received the results yet but will next week on Wednesday when I see my onocologist. I feel that everything is going to be okay. When they did the cat scan, they had to start an IV on me. I already had blood work earlier that day so was hoping they could use the same vein since it was my best vein. They had a new guy who was going to start my IV. I thought, oh, no....hope he gets it, so kept praying the whole time that he would be able to do it. Well, he didn't but he didn't take it out and the other tech was able to get it in. He said the first guy just wasn't aggressive enough to stick a little further to get into my vein. Didn't hurt.....the tech later thanked me for being patient with the first guy. I told him that I understood since I worked as a nurse and I at one time had to learn too. The barium I had to swallow later made me a little sick with diarrhea and a gurgling tummy. After a few hours, I was okay.

Other than that, I've been doing pretty good. Still trying to decide whether to grow my hair out or not. People keep asking me if I'm going to grow it long or keep it short. Just haven't decided. I'm getting used to it being short, lol but wonder what it would be like again to have long hair. it grows very slow though. Thanks again for checking up on me. I am excited about seeing my doctor again and hoping that I get my port out. Today I have to go get blood work to check for cancer markers and other things. Have a great you all.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

coumadin level

Today I went in for a coumadin level which is to be between 2-3. It was 2.5 which is perfect!!! This is the 4th time to be where it needs to be . I am so happy that we finally have the dosage where it needs to be. I also went to the cancer center to have my port flushed with heparin. I told the nurse that I am hoping that this is the last time for I hope to get my port taken out by next month. Her dad just had his taken out and by the same dr. that I will have. She says that the port is taken out in the doctor's office. I didn't know for sure how it was done so I am glad to hear that so I won't have to go through day surgery. I hate having anesthesia for I get sick every time. I will have a CT Scan next Wednesday then I see the doctor on the 20th of October. Just 2 weeks away!!!

My hair is growing and still curly. I had a several compliments today but it's starting to drive me crazy. Yes , can you believe I actually said that. There is one section that sticks out. I try curling it under with curling iron then hair spraying it. I don't usually have short and curly hair so not sure how to fix it up. I am also trying to decide whether to get a haircut or let it grow out some more. Decisions, decisions. But I am so happy to have hair!!!!

My energy level is the same...some days I am so tired and can fall asleep easily. I read books to the boys during lunch and sometimes I almost fall asleep. They laugh at me. It is funny, I'm sure. Then there are days that I am just fine. Still have joint stiffness so will be glad when port is out so I can take some medication to help. I can't right now since it will interact with the Coumandin that I take.

This past Saturday, my hospital had a "Pink Ribbon Run" for raising funds for our cancer center's educational room. My whole family participated. Most of us walked the mile but Brandon ran the 5K and came in 4th for his age group. It was his first time to run a race. He loved it and is going to run another 5K for Down Syndrome in a couple of weeks. A friend of his ran too and came in first in his age group and 2nd overall. We all got free t-shirts for being in the Pink ribbon run. I am getting quite a collection of pink shirts for being a cancer survivor. lol. Well, thanks for keeping up with me on reading this post. I'm sorry I don't post very often but there just isn't alot to say. Love you all.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reflection of last year

I was thinking about what I was doing last year at this time. I was taking chemo and having a hard time keeping up with school with the boys. The boys were good about doing their school work but I was awful in taking the time to grade papers, especially essays, etc. This year I am more organzied and have been keeping up with their papers and school work. It is so nice not to be going off to the doctors and chemo clinic, etc every week. Seems like last year, I had somewhere to go at least once a week and sometimes more. Last year the boys couldn't drive but this year they can so it's nice that I am not going to town very much. I wish Christopher was driving last year but that didn't happen. It was hard to get that drivers ed done so that is something we aren't doing either this year. This year is just a smoother year. I am glad about that.

Another reflection that Larry had. My hair started to grow back at this time so what I have now is a year's worth of hair growth!!! Hard to believe. Since I've not had to use a blow dryer since May 2009, I can't find mine now. lol. I wanted to use it the other day but couldn't find it. I think I put it up somewhere but not sure. Need to do some more looking. Maybe I let my daughter have it but I don't think so.

I bought some medications over the counter to help with the joint stiffness but found out that it will interact with my blood thinner, Coumadin, so I can't take it. Bummer. Hopefully I will be off Coumadin by Novemeber so will save the medication until I can use it. Well, life is definitely much better for me this year!!!! I am looking forward to going to the mountains with my mom this weekend. What fun---just mom and daughter time. Love you all....