Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coumadin check and flush

This past Thursday, I had a coumadin level done. It was 2.8 which is on the higher end of "normal" so all is great. I get to go another whole month before being tested again. This is great news. One thing I've done different to help my level is to quit drinking green tea. I didn't realize that can hurt your level. No problem, I've not had green tea since I learned about the effects of green tea on coumadin levels. I was only drinking it since I knew it was suppose to be good for you. lol..Oh, well, I'll start back on it when I quit taking the coumadin. After having my level checked, I went downstairs to the cancer center to have my port-a-cath flushed with heparin to keep it open in case I need it later. Was nice to walk in the chemo clinic knowing that I only had to stay for a few minutes. They weren't busy at all so the nurse had everything ready when I walked in. I think I was there for about 5-10 minutes. Luckily, the port was just fine. I will go again in a month to have the port flushed.

Everything is going pretty much the same. It 's kinda of weird but I seem to notice the numbness in my breast area more lately. Not sure why but I do. Seems that I am shaving my legs more too so guess my hair is growing better. lol. I bought a sticker for my car--one of the pink ribbon ones that says Breast Cancer Awareness. I saw one today at the store that says survivor. I would have liked that one better but it's okay. Hope everyone is doing fine. Thank you for continuing to check up on me. Love you the way, I've not tried bowling lately...not sure I will for a long time. lol.

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