Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bowling experience

Things are going fairly well. My hair is growing very slow but it's at a cute length so am happy with it. Not sure if I will grow it out long or not. Wish it would stay curly but I've heard that once it gets cut, that I will eventually lose the curls. My joint pain is less these days. Still have some trouble especially when I want to bend down to pick something up off the ground/floor. A couple of weeks ago, I took my kids bowling and decided I would bowl too. What a mistake.....I could hardly bowl. I like to bend down to roll the ball but I couldn't do it well at all. I was so sore the next couple of days. I guess bowling is out for me......just can't bend down low at all. It was the worse score I've done in years. I'm sure the kids wanted to laugh out loud but they were kind enough not to laugh or make remarks. I'm sure I looked funny trying to figure out how to bowl without bending much. lol. Hope you are all doing great. My brother in law who had the prostate cancer got a good report the other day....his PSA was less than 1 which is wonderful. He is cancer free!!!!! I will be getting a coumadin level check next week plus my port flushed with heparin. The only other complaint I have had is that there are times when my breast where I had the cancer feels heavy and painful in the morning when I wake up. During the day, I have no problems. Thanks for keeping up with me and I'm sorry I've not written in quite a while. Just not much to report on. Love you....

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