Wednesday, March 24, 2010

radiation sites. more cancer

Proverbs 14:30 A heart at peace gives life to the body....

Yesterday, I was visiting with a friend who had breast cancer 4 years ago. She was treated in Austin for her cancer so we had similar treatmemts but some differences. We happened to be comparing our ports---I saw her port site and her incision was vertical while mine is horizontal. I showed her my port and she was amazed how little it is. Guess hers was much bigger. Then we started to talk about our radiation sites. Her tumor was on the left side of her left breast so radiation is on the side of her breast and under her arms. Mine is right on my chest since my tumor was at the 11 o'clock site ( of the breast). Well, she had told me that she had gotten quite burned and there were days when they wouldn't even give her radiation due to her burns. I never had that problem. I was burned the worse on the last day. She showed me her site--it was awful. It's reddish purple and mottled and bumpy looking. I was so surprised. Mine is like a weird tan--slightly brownish and doesn't show too much when I'm wearing a shirt that shows some of it. It's more noticeable after I take a shower. I don't think I would wear a swimsuit--my scars and radiation site would really show up. But I am so grateful that's it not the reddish-purple color. I really feel sorry for her. She might have it taken care of surgically for the dr. says it could be done. All I can say, is "Thanks, God for helping me not get so burned".

Well, my family can not seem to get away from cancer these days. Now my husband was diagnosed with cancer but it's only skin cancer--squamous cell carcinoma which is not dangerous and will be easily taken care of it by removing it. Unfortunately, he's had it for awhile but the dr. doesn't seem to be concerned about it. He will have it removed next week. Had his biopsy last week.

My dad is starting to hallucinate by thinking people tell him things that they didn't say. It's caused by his pain meds. They had increased his dosage the other day. The goal is to make him comfortable from having less pain. He keeps thinking that he is sinking fast but I'm afraid he has more to suffer before it is all over. Please pray for him and the rest of the family. My stepbrother arrived yesterday so now there is one more to come for him to feel like he can let go. That son and grandson will arrive on Friday late night. Thanks again for all your prayers and love.

Psalm 145:3 Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise, his greatness no one can fathom.

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