Saturday, September 26, 2009

chemo day 5

Psalm 86:1-2 Hear, O Lord, and answer me, for I am poor and needy. Guard my life, for I am devoted to you. You are my God; save your servant who trusts in you.

The chemo is taking effect today. It first started out with some bone pain in my fingers and arm. My neighbor called to go walking so I said yes for I wasn't hurting then but she wanted to wait for at least 30 minutes or so. By the time I went walking my legs and hip were hurting. I only walked for about a mile and decided to quit early so not as to push it. I knew that I had a busy day ahead of me. I was also having some pain in my jaw and gum area but that has subsided by now. We went into town to celebrate Christopher's birthday. I just felt so tired that I couldn't wait to get home so I could nap. I did nap for 2 hours and when I got up, my right ankle was hurting which made it hard to walk. Almost all of my toes are numb, tingling so it feels funny when I walk or just sitting down. Luckily, my fingers aren't having the neuropathy too. The biggest problem I'm having this evening is the feeling of indigestion or something like it. It's hard to describe but it makes me not want to eat even though my brain wants me to eat!! I like to eat but I just can't right now. I feel "full". Ususlly chemo causes diarrhea or constipation. I rarely have diarrhea but have had some bouts of mild constipation which started today too. I really feel lucky though because even though I am having effects from the chemo, it's pretty mild compared to what others have and what I had with the first chemo meds that was given to me. I can tolerate all these effects so I feel blessed that it's not worse.

Tomorrow my husband and I are taking our sons to camp which is 5 1/2 hours away. I had really hoped that I wouldn't have to go but things didn't work out to where someone else could take them. . I know it won't be too comfortable but I can sleep in the truck and if I have to hurt, guess it won't matter where I am. At least I don't have to drive. It will be a long day so please pray that it won't be too hard on me. I am looking forward to a few days without kids. lol. And no schooling....yea!!! It's always nice to take a little break. Thanks again for your prayers. Will write again on Monday morning since we'll be home late on Sunday.

I just got up to walk to my bedroom to get my Bible to write scripture verses and noticed that the ball of my left foot is now feeling numb. Yikes!!! Hope my whole foot doesn't get that way.

Psalm 105:4 Look to the Lord and His strenght; seek His face always.

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