Sunday, December 20, 2009


Proverbs 23:18 There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.

I received a DVD from a friend of my mom's a week or so ago but haven't watched it yet until today. This friend has breast cancer too. The DVD is called "Stepping into the Ring" and it is a testimony of Nicole Johnson who has breast cancer. She talks while in a boxing ring and she pretends to be boxing as she speaks. She talks about how she reacted when she received the news of having breaast cancer which she felt so angry and then the despair (an enemy as she calls it that attacks anyone going through any loss) she went through but then she found hope after she turned back to God. She heard a nurse read to a patient from Isaiah that says ' Your hope will not be cut off.'' Your breast might get cut off but hope doesn't get cut off". She talks about how we can have hope no matter what we are going through whether it's cancer, bad marriage, divorce, some other illness, loss of a child, or whatever. I loved what she said 'I have cancer but cancer doesn't have me." She goes on to say that we may have hair loss or breast loss but it can't have our heart nor our spirit." It was a short testimony but oh, so moving. This friend of my mom's sent a pair of small pink boxing gloves too. I will hang them up and it will remind me of hope and that cancer doesn't have my heart nor spirit!!!! I really feel so blessed not to have gone through the anger nor despair like she did. I did have moments of sadness and wondering why.... but never despair nor depression. I took hold of that hope in the very beginning. She does have humor too: such as saying "with breasts , they pleased my husband, fed my babies, and made my stomach look smaller. " 'Not to balance check books while on pain killers. " I tried to find the verse in Isaiah that she quoted by using the internet and I found it in Proverbs (I wrote it on top)..... Just wanted to share with you about this DVD. We all go through some kind of trial or tough times and we can all grab hold of hope in God and trust Him to carry us through these tough times. I believe in the power of prayers too and I do believe so much that prayer is what got me though my tough days. Thanks for your prayers.

Psalm 9:18 But the needy will not always be forgotten, not the hopes of the afflicted ever perish,.

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